The Madness of Bowker’s My Identifiers

There’s quite a bit that’s annoying me of late and that probably won’t surprise anyone.  Hell, my wife refers to me as Eeyore.  But as the publisher of a small press (, I have to say that the folks at … Continue reading

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Should You List Your Books on Google Play?

And then there were fewer. . . Sony is closing the Reader store.  Nook has been such a drain on Barnes & Noble that when an erroneous report made it sound like Nook was going away, B&N’s stock rose 9%.  … Continue reading

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The Magical Optional Hyphen in Microsoft Word

My wife was once working on a document and trying to get Microsoft Word to do something.  She asked me for help and I said, “Give me a minute to think.  There’s nothing we can think of to make Word … Continue reading

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Is Google Books Worth the Headaches?

As the number of self-publishers grows, the question has to be raised:  Is Google Books worth the headaches? I’m pretty close to thinking it isn’t. Let’s look at the issues: How can a company that practically rules the Internet have … Continue reading

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WTF? Kobo Doesn’t Automatically Update

One of the joys of being a publisher ( is dealing with authors. Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love authors.  But sometimes I forget that authors aren’t dealing with publishing headaches and production 24/7. Recently I issued a couple … Continue reading

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Because it is Hard to Wait

I grew up outside of Boston. I would take the T into Harvard Square to go to Newbury Comics to actually buy comic books. I went to the Radcliffe Publishing Course (which now belongs to Columbia but I can still … Continue reading

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Because It’s Not Just About Typing

Since word processors became popular, authors have had a tendency to use them mostly as glorified typewriters.  But they aren’t.  They have far greater capabilities. As a literary agent and author coach, I frequently spend hours reformatting and cleaning up … Continue reading

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Do Some Spring Cleaning

When we started publishing books via our Endpapers Press imprints, we had to hit the ground running in a lot of different directions.  From ISBNs to LCCNs, it’s all been quite the adventure. One of the things it has really … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Selling Your Self-Published Book in the Real World

I wear two hats.  Well, three actually.  Via my literary agency, The Zack Company, I represent numerous authors of commercial fiction and nonfiction.  And via Author Coach, I offer editorial assistance, career advice, and coaching directly to authors who are … Continue reading

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You Have to Win the Affiliate Wars

Amid all of the discussion of the death of the publishing industry and Amazon’s laser-focused effort to eliminate competition, one point I have yet to see discussed is the competitions’ absolutely abysmal use of affiliates. I am an Amazon Associate. … Continue reading

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